WOW Sleep

Making light work of sleep

Waking up the sleep specialists - Creating Wow's fresh brand identity to help make light work of sleep.

Wow are a forward thinking, innovative business who were looking to differentiate themselves within the mattress market, aligning their important mission with their marketing communications. Sleep is their passion, yet neither their contract or consumer brand communicated this to their audience.

They wanted to make the transition from an old fashioned, product-oriented manufacturer to modern, value-added sleep experts, matching their internal essence with their outward-facing brand.

We created a brand identity to shout this company ethos from the rooftops, bringing life, colour and a direct approach to their brand. The individual bold style typography and colours that zing off the page encapture Wow’s company name, whilst the fun illustrative elements and photography illustrate their playful, friendly and approachable nature.

The bright and fun custom animated iconography, fresh colour palettes and loud and proud typography style all work together to reinforce the brands “sleep is our passion” culture, communicating their mission now and for many years to come.