A Brand to Change Perceptions

An identity to set a new standard in an industry associated with poor practice.

Green means go – which is what inspired a more positive image for TMSS. People perceive their industry as careless and heavy-handed when it comes to customer service, but TMSS are a different breed of traffic management company. So they gave us the green light to tell a better story and enlighten people to the fact they actually give a damn!

The strapline ‘Setting a new standard’ became our foundation for all things visual. Like the chevrons merging to form a star of excellence. It’s a logo projecting the quality and confidence now flowing through the brand’s communications. And to show everyone they care, we used their employees in an up-close and personal photography style. Because these aren’t just some fellas at the side of the road. They’re real people who want to do the best job they can.

“The overwhelming feedback has been great. Everyone internally and externally loves the brand. Thanks again for being so helpful with everything and being so easy to work with, it’s much appreciated.”

Claire Wilson-Binks, Marketing Manager