An identity to set a new standard in an industry associated with poor practice.


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Our team has designed a new identity for TMSS that positions the company as a trustworthy traffic management company. We discovered that the traffic management industry is full of bad stories of poor practices, shoddy workmanship and an overall lack of care from many of the organisations providing the service. TMSS were different; they were proud of being conscientious about their work and put customer satisfaction at the heart of their business. The problem they faced was that all traffic management businesses are tarnished by the bad practice stories that plagued the industry. TMSS approached us to change that narrative and communicate that TMSS was setting a new standard in the industry.

The designers worked closely with TMSS to develop the identity system that features a logo which is their own star of excellence. The logo is inspired by chevron road signage which has been neatly combined to make up the TMSS star logo. The chevron shapes have been used as a unifying brand asset throughout the visual language. The chevron is used in combination with photography; real photography of TMSS staff shows that TMSS are transparent and honest and ready to set itself apart from competitors. Modern san serif typography and a reassuring green colour palette reinforce the overall message of trust.

“The overwhelming feedback has been great. Everyone internally and externally loves the brand. Thanks again for being so helpful with everything and being so easy to work with, it’s much appreciated.”

Claire Wilson-Binks, Marketing Manager