Smug Drinks

A Smug Feeling Brand

New identity for a start-up drinks manufacturer wanting their product to hit you round the chops!

Smug Drinks are 100% natural. Their health drinks are infused with delicious herbal extracts and rich vitamin blends. As a start-up, they wanted a brand that would get their products on the shelves of well-known retailers. And get them to fly off even quicker!

Customers needed to instantly recognise the benefit of Smug Drinks. Its creator, Max Jones, had an ambitious vision for the brand. He believed people should feel so good after drinking his goods, they should feel smug. So we pumped this energy into typography and colours that were bursting with juiciness! The outcome was quirky, clearly showed the brand’s USPs and allowed Smug to stand out in the crowded soft drinks market.

“We couldn’t be happier with the end results from Northlight. They helped us come up with the brand name firstly and then full brand identity. We knew that to stand any chance of success in the crowded soft drinks market our brand identity and brand designs had to seriously stand-out on shelf and communicate all of the benefits and USP’s of the product. Northlight did this and more, it has been a pleasure working with them over the last 2 years.”

Max Jones, Director.