Nexus Vehicle Rental

Driving Innovation

A brand update to present an innovative piece of technology for fleet managers.

Nexus is a vehicle hire company for the digital age. From a technology point of view, it’s steaming ahead. But it needed our help to translate this innovation through its brand.

As a developer of nationwide vehicle rental software, is basically the Skyscanner of the road – so we upgraded it to a look and feel giving it the potential to become just as recognisable.

This was an evolution, not a revolution of the brand. The team loved their current photography style, so we compiled more abstract, light-filled examples that injected a feeling of futurism.

We created an original typeface and illustration style just for them, as well as injecting more colour into the brand. This added a whole new dimension to Nexus’s campaign media and web presence. The result, a rich identity system presenting Nexus as a leading tech innovator.