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Little Giraffe

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Little Giraffe Media is a startup digital marketing agency like no other; a brand-new company born out of the 2020 pandemic. The founder wanted a brand to represent precisely what she was about – personable and approachable, non-corporate, vibrant and most of all fun. With so many digital marketing services in the UK, it had to be a brand that created an impact.

Interestingly, one of the stipulations of the brief was to feature giraffes in whatever way we could; now, we love a challenge! We embraced this part of the brief, it allowed us to be unrestricted with our creative process and consider design routes that were expressive and free.

The logotype is a free-flowing script style to represent the brand’s non-corporate, personable nature. We paired this with a series of bright and colourful artworks that features the all-important giraffes. In combination, there’s a playful look and feel to the brand, and it captures the fun way Little Giraffe wanted to communicate