Little Giraffe Media

An Explosive Brand

Digital marketing magic - An explosive brand to challenge the digital landscape

Little Giraffe Media is a startup digital marketing agency like no other; a brand new company born out of the 2020 pandemic. The founder wanted a brand to represent exactly what she was about – personable and approachable, non-corporate, vibrant and most of all fun. With so many digital marketing services in the UK, it had to be a brand that created an impact.

This new startup was certainly not boring so we needed to make sure we moved as far away from traditional corporate conventions as possible, and as the founder was insistent on incorporating actual giraffe’s into the brand artwork, we figured this wouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

Our approach was to create something that differentiated Little Giraffe from the norm. Most marketing brands are traditional and can appear quite mundane – we wanted a brand design that was exciting and full of life. We created pieces of unique artwork, explosions of bright and colourful symmetrical patterns that incorporated the much-loved giraffes in an elegant and sophisticated way.

With such an eye catchingly unique style, we needed a logo that would bring balance in a simple yet distinctive way. We designed a custom Little Giraffe script style logo that was free-flowing to really represent the non-corporate, personable nature of the brand. To bring all of the new brand elements together, a new strapline was born – Digital Marketing Magic. Fun, friendly, approachable and definitely not the norm, the messaging was clear – there’s someone behind this brand and they’ll be challenging digital marketing standards in their own unique giraffe styled way!