Halifax BID

A Brand for Halifax

An identity designed to inspire and engage a new audience to visit Halifax.

Halifax Business Investment District was built to help people discover (and rediscover!) the beauty and cultural heritage of Halifax, while also showing off its lively attractions and events. Our brief was to create a fresh, forward-thinking brand, with a respectful nod to the town’s rich history and traditions.

Alongside a simple letter ‘H’ logo the brand identity is formed by an evolving plethora of visual elements and colours, representing the pulse of this diverse town.

From photography showcasing its grand Victorian architecture and vibrant modern art to the individual letters in ‘Halifax’ acting as graphical devices, we were able to say, “this what we’re really made of!” Across the brand’s campaigns, all communications are paired with the #DiscoverHX hashtag – seeking to divert attention from nearby cities like Leeds, bring more investment to Halifax and inspire pride in the community.