A comedy festival identity and campaign featuring alpacas.

Halifax Comedy Festival

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+ Campaigns & Advertising
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+ Print Design
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Day at the beach? Alpacas a towel! Get it!? No? The good folk behind Halifax Comedy Festival told us not to give up our day jobs. All they wanted was to improve on a brand that, in previous years, had solely relied on putting some alpacas in the background. We discovered the alpaca had become something of a symbol to people who know and love the festival. So if people love the alpacas, let’s take them out of the background and make them the star of the show.

We put the Alpacas centre stage with quirky expressions and original illustrations laid over the top, we were able to surprise people in a way that hadn’t previously been achieved. We gave the materials a more exciting colour palette, introduced a new, more energetic typography style and suggested some interesting print techniques to make the print really stand out. But, it was mainly about alpacas!

Northlight really refreshed the developing HCF brand and created some bright, eye-catching and innovative concepts. They are great at listening to my creative ideas while providing advice and guidance, as well as creative ideas of their own. The quirky illustrations really fit with the comedy theme, and everyone fell in love with the alpaca creations! Northlight are a pleasure to work with. I have worked with them on several projects over several years and can say that this agency is going from strength to strength.

Chloe Oldman – Business Development Manager