Mobus Fabrics

Green FR Product Brand

Groundbreaking chemistry - A new product brand for the world's first Green FR fabric.

Mobus is a global manufacturer of quality fabrics made from ethically sourced materials, who’s team were looking for a brand to launch its new creation – the world’s first environmentally friendly flame retardant coating. Mobus required a brand to showcase this new revolutionary product.

Introducing Green FR – The greenest FR coating on the planet! We developed the Green FR logo to communicate exactly what the product brand was about – a leaf, flame and shield represent the environment, fire retardancy and protection.

The brand had to communicate the wonders of their new fabric clearly and concisely, across a multi-channel marketing campaign that would connect with their audience in a way that showcases its new environmental perspective. The brand had to be just as unique as the product itself; go green or go home, we say.

The importance of good photography to reflect the minimalistic brand was identified from the onset, integrating beautiful natural imagery with a clean and contemporary look and feel. We switched up the orientation of the photography to highlight GreenFR’s uniqueness and layered the ‘FR’ letterform over the top to symbolize the environmental coating itself. The result was an abstract representation of the fabric, which established the simple and vibrant visual identity of this pioneering ‘time to go green’ product.