Gifted Media

Brand Identity

Helping a new breed of media relations company communicate their cutting edge ideas.

Gifted’s ideas on media relations are several steps ahead of other companies in their sector. They just needed everybody else to know. We worked closely with Gifted to position them as unmistakably the best in the business. How? By making the focus of the brand the most important element of their work – communication.

On its own, ‘communication’ is an abstract concept. Our first challenge was making it more concrete and exciting. That’s why we chose the quotation mark as the brand’s main identifier. We used quotation marks in every font style imaginable, reflecting Gifted’s ability to work with all kinds of different businesses. The result was a lot of variety and quirkiness coming off the page, making the brand feel modern and highly original. Especially when combined with their new strapline: ‘New Breed Media Relations’

“I advocate three key ingredients in an agency; specialism, enthusiasm and collaboration. All are massively important in the communications industry and I can’t speak highly enough of Northlight. They went above and beyond at every stage of developing our brand identity; refining original ideas, working with our suppliers on design specification and rapidly coming to the rescue for last-minute requests. The team is exceptionally skilled, responsive and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Akin to client feedback on our company’s visual identity, I have nothing but praise for their work.”

Kristina Wilcock, Managing Director