Eureka Rolling Exhibitions – Spark Gallery

Exhibition Identities

Let Sparks Fly - Eureka's Exciting Rolling Exhibition Identities

The Spark Gallery opened in 2017 as Eureka’s first interactive exhibition space, hosting temporary exhibitions to showcase the most exciting and creative digital technology from around the world. To give each unique exhibit an identity, they needed extensions of their brand that would still maintain their brand consistency. Digital Dimensions and the combined Arboreal and Shapeshift exhibitions were our first projects, which needed to represent the hands on nature of the events and resonate with an older target audience via social media.

Reactive quick fire projects is something we think we’re pretty good at, so we set to work creating three new sub identities for Eureka’s fast changing exhibitions. With a quick brief we decided to incorporate elements of the digital light shows into the new identities, adding in lots of light and glowing graphics to the logos and ident videos that showed parts of the exhibitions themselves.

The abstract pieces of colourful art were designed to make their rolling exhibitions look techy and cool for the older kids, and we heard each exhibition went off with a bang. Perhaps you could even say sparks flew… Nailed it.