Communicating a new compelling central principle.

Drive DeVilbiss

+ Brand Development
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+ Print Design

For Drive DeVilbiss, it was critical to roll out a single guiding principle throughout the business: ‘Enhancing quality of life’. A world-leading manufacturer of medical products, its international operations and list of global partners are so large it needed a framework that would guarantee consistency across the brand.

After nurturing a relationship with Drive DeVilbiss for over 15 years, we knew what to flex to its different audiences worldwide. We worked hard to develop a more cohesive visual language, using imagery and messaging that put customers’ lives at the brand’s heart.

We activated the brand by designing a new suite of marketing materials, on and offline advertising, updated packaging designs and support for the brand and seasonal campaigns. All of which we brought together in a brand handbook – so all communications could coherently tell the new brand story.