Shop in Halifax

Inspiring Christmas Shoppers

Homage to the Halifax high street - An inspiring Christmas campaign to boost local festive trading

A new Halifax BID Christmas brand is in town, and needed a seasonal campaign to kick off the festive period with a bang. Encouraging shoppers to come into the town and support their local retail businesses is key at this time of year, due to retail sales dropping as more Yorkshire folk shop online. Bah humbug. The BID team wanted an ad campaign that would be loud and make an impact, shouting out their key message this Christmas – Tis the season to shop at ar’ local!

The idea was simple – a no-nonsense message from the towns business owners direct to the people of Halifax. This season, we visited the Halifax shop owners en mass to gather photography from the real honest men and women of the town, incorporating the imagery into marketing materials that would tell consumers just one thing – we’re here and we’ve got everything you need for Christmas.

An integrated campaign was built around this photography, telling the stories of the local people through magazines, posters, social media poems and ‘I shopped in Halifax’ shopping bags that would spread the message far and wide. It’s friendly and personable essence was clear, and shrouded this multi-channel approach in much merriness and festive cheer!