Cavalier Carpets

Brand Refresh

Developing a brand that focuses on a design-led approach to carpet manufacturing.

Cavalier Carpets have a rich heritage in the UK carpet industry. They’re big in the international market for Wilton, Axminster and tufted carpets, boasting a decades-long list of major clients. They asked us to refresh their brand allowing them to advertise their bespoke carpet offering while showcasing their design-led approach to carpet manufacturing.

We suggested the forward-thinking edge that got Cavalier to the top of their game needed to be more pronounced – while keeping their classical characteristics alive. By being direct yet sophisticated in their tone of voice, introducing a modern elegance to the typography and adding that bespoke feeling with hand-drawn illustrations, we developed a brand that announced their design philosophy.

The new visual approach carries through their new corporate website and makes just as much impact, but is even more powerful in its responsiveness with interactive elements offering users a fully immersive experience.