A bespoke fashion brand expressing creativity and craft.

Anna Louise

+ Brand Identity
+ Print Design
+Image Creation

Anna Louise is a fashion designer that makes original, one-of-a-kind pieces of vintage-inspired clothing. Northlight worked with Anna to develop a brand representing the skill and craftsmanship that goes into each piece Anna creates. The ultimate aim of the business was to approach TV production companies to make one-off pieces for TV shows, so Anna wanted a brand to appeal to this type of audience.

To develop the identity, our designers looked at patterns Anna used to create garments; we redrew the patterns and turned them into graphics to form the base of the visual identity. The graphics, combined with a soft, muted colour palette and a classic typographic style, give the brand an elegant and stylish feel. A clean aesthetic and subtle use of colour is carried through in the different applications of the identity.

Within weeks of launching the brand on social media, we were approached by a successful children’s vintage dress wear business to form a partnership. This immediately took off and continues to grow. However, we don’t hesitate to acknowledge that a big part of being identified initially was the impact of the new brand.

Lee Boulton, Marketing Manager