Anna Louise

A Bespoke Fashion Brand

Translating a business vision for a designer looking to establish her creative passion.

We envisaged a bespoke brand for a bespoke dressmaker. Anna Louise is a fashion designer with a style all of her own. She makes one-off items of clothing, even designing pieces for TV shows. This meant she needed a brand unlike any other, inspired by and reflective of her personality.

Taking inspiration from Anna Louise’s original designs, we crafted a vintage aesthetic that expressed itself through a curved body of graphics. The stylish patterns channel the simplicity of her philosophy but are as unique as her fine garments. We deliberately added a timeless edge to the brand which bound together everything from its colour scheme to print and social media.

“While producing vintage and alternative clothing under the Anna Louise name from startup, we always struggled to vision a brand and art style which communicated our passion to our target audience. Northlight produced a brand which we foresee ourselves proudly working under for the future chapters of the business. Within weeks of launching the brand on social media, we were approached by a successful children’s vintage dresswear business to form a partnership. This immediately took off and continues to grow, however, we don’t hesitate to acknowledge that a big part of being identified initially was the impact of the new brand.”

Lee Boulton, Marketing Manager